Other Coatings

CERAMICS – Ceramic coatings, in general, are chemically stable and have very good thermal and wear resistance properties. They can be machined to very smooth finishes to provide good release properties. We have developed proprietary formulations to help with specific applications.

CARBIDES – Carbide coatings are extremely hard, corrosion resistant and can retain their strength at high temperatures. They are utilized in extreme wear applications and are considered when the wear resistance of metals and alloys are not sufficient.

METALS AND ALLOYS – Metals & Alloys are used in a wide variety of applications to provide properties that the base metal cannot provide (i.e. corrosion resistance, lubricity and electrical conductivity). They are also used to repair damaged areas and for functional and dimensional restoration.

PTFE AND FEP – The primary purpose of PTFE (i.e Teflon) is to provide release, reduce friction, provide a solid film of lubrication or provide corrosion resistance. PTFE can be applied in conjunction with a thermal sprayed metal, alloy, ceramic or carbide.