Industries we serve

We have a product that is unique to the Corona Treater and Roller market. Because our glassteel rollers are harder & denser than traditional rubber, ceramic, & chrome-coated rollers, they last longer, cause less downtime from pinhole-ing, and actually save you money by meeting all the specs of your line, while requiring less energy to operate. We’ll work with you to find the best coating solution for your line.

What our customers are saying

“We have purchased 14 glass steel corona backing rolls from Empire Rollers and Coatings for use in our plant. Every single roll was completed to spec and delivered on time. The use of these rolls in our plant has reduced our power needs dramatically compared to the prior backing roll technology. We have also experienced an increase in our machine uptime…less downtime. I highly recommend that you contact Mike Cordes at Empire for your corona backing roll needs.”

—Richard Langin – Process Engineer, The Haartz Corporation

Flexible Packaging Manufacturing and Converting

Our coatings are used in many applications in the flexible packaging manufacturing and conversion industries. Specific applications include Corona Treatment, MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) Rolls, Heating and Cooling Rolls and Ink Transfer Rolls. Our rollers and coatings are used to help improve substrate quality and manufacturing efficiency through increased line speeds, less downtime and lower energy costs.

Carbon Fiber, Pre-Preg and Textile Manufacturing

Glassteel-coated rollers are engineered to improve the efficiency and quality of carbon fiber and pre-preg processes. The smooth Glassteel surface is non-porous, inorganic and abrasion resistant, so it won’t break down when processing carbon fibers. It’s also corrosion resistant and finished “over the roll edge”, which makes it an ideal solution for chemical baths and wash/rinse tanks.


Printers have varied roller and coating needs, depending on their process. Empire Rollers and Coatings can draw on it’s five “coating families” to customize rolls for wear and corrosion resistance, release and cooling/heating requirements. We manufacture unique rollers including nip, idler and fountain pan rollers that can help improve roller life and print quality.

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The inorganic, non-reactive qualities of many of our coatings benefit the food and beverage makers because of the clean, smooth and durable surfaces. In addition, the corrosion resistant attribute of our coatings provides long lasting production life.