Glassteel coatings have unique qualities that are derived from fusing the coating to a steel substrate at very high temperatures. This curing process creates both a physical and chemical bond with the underlying substrate. Once cooled, the coating is extremely dense and non-porous. Because of the amorphous structure of Glassteel, it is highly corrosive resistant and virtually impenetrable to chemicals.

The non-porous coating also has tremendous dielectric strength. Industry tests have demonstrated that Glassteel can withstand the highest voltages and is a more efficient capacitor compared to ceramic and rubber coatings (saving energy costs).

Glassteel’s non-stick surface is clean and smooth and can be polished to multiple Ra finishes providing excellent release characteristics at high temperatures. Glassteel is also inorganic and non-reactive and does not degrade or wear.

The quality and effectiveness of Glassteel coatings allows us to offer the longest warranties in the industry.

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