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Empire Rollers & Coatings, a division of the Rochester, NY, based Empire Enameling, creates custom glass rollers for manufacturing and film customers around the globe. Our glassteel rollers have several advantages. Using the right roller can improve your productivity, increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and improve product quality. We can help you determine which solution will have the greatest impact on your operation. We first identify your needs, then propose a customer solution to meet those needs.


We’ve been problem solvers since day one. It all started in 1975, when we developed the technology to manufacture Glassteel rollers for the flexible packaging industry, thanks to a unique request from Exxon Mobil Corporation. Since then, we’ve honed our unique ability to fuse glass with steel. In 2008 we grew further by entering the chemical process industry with the same glass lined steel technology, including reglassing, repairing and exchanging OEM glass lined reactors and parts.


Ted Cordes

Ted has over 10 years of experience with Empire Rollers and Coatings and is primarily responsible for business development and the expansion of the Company’s manufacturing capabilities.


Mike Cordes

Mike joined Empire Rollers and Coatings in October 2013 as General Manager. He comes to Empire with over 20 years of experience in management, customer service and technical roles and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company.


Bill Mikolenko

Bill has over 30 years of experience in sales and engineering roles and has been with Empire for over ten years as a Sales Engineer in the Rollers and Coatings division. He is responsible for sales and support for all roller products.

Industries we serve

If you’re in the flexible packaging, pre-preg, textile, carbon fiber, or converting industry, our glassteel rollers may be a viable solution for you.

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Rollers & Coatings

We have a product that is unique to the Corona Treater and Roller market. Because our glassteel rollers are harder & denser than traditional rubber, ceramic, & chrome-coated rollers, they last longer, cause less downtime from pinhole-ing, and actually save you money by meeting all the specs of your line, while requiring less energy to operate. We’ll work with you to find the best coating solution for your line.

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